Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hilltop hoods_wip_finals ...

I have Done a few step by step screen
grabs of my work as i go on the last few covers.
I do this purely cause i like looking at it in others work, sometimes the sketch contains more soul.

exciting cover for me as it was the first one i have had soul direction on, They guys had other ideas but i pitched this and it flew;)

TONES(i worked in grey to get the right tonality+saves time on thinking.)
COLOUR overlays and underlays.
I try to keep a traditional paint look.
And let the pencils come through...

We did 2 covers for SOTA. I like the other but works more as a poster in it's portrait format.
It is the lowrider summer feel!this image hasn't made it to print.On ice
My personal fav bits are the Jordan 4's ( i had some, were my favs) the candy apple green speedboat metalic;)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I was invited to exhibit in the 2010 PIPE-UP
group show put on at 'PAPER HORSE'STUDIO,
art on skate board decks.

Piece was a mix of ink and posca.
cleared with auto acrylic. Happy to say
it sold within 30mins of open.
Really appreciate the interest! It was an awesome canvas and a solid
opportunity to show case with other international and local talent.

Photo by Lauren Tomczak on the night.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ड२ हेलमेट

I'm working up my DH helmet a TLD D2.
Prepared by Grant Allen,Grant has done a nice white with subtle blue pearl!
I was mapping out the gear fro him to airbrush and got a bit carried away. He is now saying i should strip it back so he can airbrush this same image.
Not sure about that yet,Although it would be insanely good to see done properlly, I have sunk a few hrs in, I actually don't mind the marker feel hmmm...can't wait to use it again, been way to long wearing my mates Gyro helmet that looks like a grey tennis ball!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just sharing a few new bits n pieces.
I have been making an effort to do a bit more each morning,All in the one spot, I have an aversion to sketchbooks as I feel every page should be rad, 'all killah no fillah' as 1 of my best mates proclaims, but am trying to let go. I worry about the trees to much;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

John Engelhardt Illustration-inprogress: LITTLE BLACK BIKE bmx shop

John Engelhardt Illustration-inprogress: LITTLE BLACK BIKE bmx shop


T design, These are limited people, So go see ol' Mate Matt or Jack, And they'll have ya back in one of these for reasonable fee.(rhyming blog?)


last year I went out with VANS one of Adelaides most Prolific Graph writers.
I have grown up around paint and Writers and have dipped in and out. One thing I can say, they Cans they make these days, are so good, colourwise and usability! I had a shot here at a Character on the fly! I said" man I don't have an idea, i didn't bring any sketch book,paper? Vans(zen)"go man sketch it on the wall!" It ended up being a bit bigger than i planed , and is unfinished as my plan was for it to be a robot Geisha! I wish there was a lot more hrs in the day! I would be keen to do a heap more characters. I was meant to re-vistit the wall around christmas, but had broken my collar bone, And was avoiding ladders;) Anyway, it's work in prog: